Breath of Life Fellowship is a young and vibrant Seventh-day Adventist, Christian church located in Stamford, Connecticut. It all began with a two week crusade in September of 2015, lead by Dr. Carlton Byrd and his ministry, Breath of Life TV. In just two weeks, over 70 people were baptized and the following week, Breath of Life Fellowship was born. BOLF truly believes in the phrase, “come as you are”. We’re not perfect people, we’re just human beings exploring the teachings of the Bible together. We believe Jesus Christ, we believe in salvation through Him, and we want to share that good news, the Gospel, with the world.


  1. We, as Seventh-day Adventist Christians, are committed to making God first and foremost in all that we do.
  2. We believe in God and believe that He is the creator of the universe.
  3. We believe in developing a strong relationship with Him through balanced Biblical study, prayer and worship, both corporately and independently.
  4. The Bible explains the nature of God and the way God’s followers behave as a result of their relationship with and faith in Him.
  5. We believe that the Bible is the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the good news of salvation.
  6. The Sabbath (Saturday) is observed as a reminder of the God who both creates and saves, and is the day God invites all to come and worship him.
  7. Those who choose to accept Gods’ way for their lives and His offer of eternal life demonstrate their belief through baptism (being immersed in water), following the example of Jesus.
  8. Adventists strive to live lives of commitment to God by following his commands.
  9. Adventists look forward to the soon return of Jesus Christ as prophesied and as he himself promised, but do not set any date for this glorious event when he comes to take home all who accept him as their Lord.
  10. We are committed to helping every member find his or her meaningful place of service within the Body of Christ.